We’re excited to introduce our brand new eco range of products. Our growing range of eco friendly products not only look great, you can be confident in knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment too, by avoiding single use plastic.

Snack ‘n’ Store

Approximately 16cm high, 12cm wide and 5cm deep

This is a collaboration with the fab Frog Hollow Catering. Charlotte (from Frog Hollow) designed a 2 in 1 reusable, cotton bag for snacks of every description. She had trawled the web looking for a suitable eco friendly solution to throw-away packaging and not found anything that covered all bases. Charlotte is a whizz in the kitchen, but not so on the sewing machine, so contacted us at Moppet and Me and The Snack ‘n’ Store was born!

With a handmade colourful cotton outer and a polyester & polyurethane lining; our eco-friendly Snack ‘n’ Store can be wiped clean and is fully washable. Fastens with an elastic loops and button. It’s free standing 2 in 1 leakproof design allows you to use it as a ‘snack pot’ for edible treats as well as a storage bag.

Perfect for work, school or when you are out & about.

Available in a few designs, including Green & white stars, Bees and forest camp.

Also available at Frog Hollow Catering https://froghollowcatering.com/


Skin Care Pads

Approximately 4” square

These are approximately 4” square (we make them square pads and not round as there is less fabric wastage). Use them instead of cotton wool.  Beautiful 100% cotton woven fabric on one side and a choice of absorbent towelling, or super soft micro fleece on the other.


Make Up Brush Roll

Approximately 9” long and 8” high

made with 100% cotton outer fabric, wipeable patterned inside fabric where your brushes sit, this stops the fabric getting stained. The 6 brush pockets are made with 100% cotton fabric. Brush roll closes with a 100% cotton tie. There are 6 brush pockets, but each one could fit more than 1 brush in.


Wash Bag

Approximately 10” high and 9” across

100% cotton outer fabric, with a waterproof lining to keep and water inside. The wash bag has a draw string at the neck. Seamed with French seams for a lovely neat finish.


Make Up Bag

Approximately 8” long 9” high and 2” wide

100% cotton outer, can be made with either 100% cotton or wipeable lining. Closes with a coordinating zip. These are made with box pleats on the outer, which allow a glimpse of the ‘hidden’ fabric inside the pleats.